History of Tieri History of Tieri

The town of Tieri was established by Mount Isa Mines (MIM) Holdings Pty Ltd to house the employees of the Oaky Creek Mine, 14km to the east. It was named after the parish in which it is set. The town centre streets are named after cattle stations that originally surrounded the Tieri town site.



Tieri was built from the ground up on virgin bushland that was originally within the property called ‘Crinum’. The first house was completed in April 1982 and became the home of Gary and Ann Putland and their two children. Tieri’s Primary School commenced classes at the beginning of the 1983 school year with 178 students in Grades 1 – 7, and, the first shop opened in the Mall on 22 February. This was the Tieri Fruit Bowl under the management of Maree Davidson. The Tieri Supermarket followed in March.

The swimming pool complex commenced operation in December 1982, the Tieri Lions Club was formed in 1983 and the Civic Centre opened in September 1985.

The original Tieri Golf clubhouse was moved from the Oaky Creek dragline camp to its proposed site on 8 October, 1984, and a nine hole golf course had been built by the end of that year.

ABC TV commenced transmission in August 1984, but commercial television from Mackay didn’t start until June 1987.

The Peak Downs Shire Council took over the administration of the town on behalf of MIM Holdings when it signed a formal letter of agreement and infrastructure package on 28 March 1984. Owen Acton was the first Peak Downs Shire employee to take up residence in Tieri with his wife Lesley and their two children.


The Pre-School opened in May 1984, with the Kindergarten operational by July. However, this was not up to official standard until January 1987.

The very community conscience Tieri residents quickly established trees and gardens and by August 1984, the Tidy Towns judge was most impressed by what had been achieved.


The Ambulance Centre opened in October 1984, followed by the Tieri Health Centre in July 1985. The Fire Station came into operation in August 1986 with the Brolga Hotel/Motel opening for business in the October.

The Police station was built in 1987. In August 1990, the BD Watson Centre – a Youth, Sport and Recreation Centre – was opened for use. Sir Bruce Watson, Chairman of MIM Holdings, officially opened the Centre on 12 October 1990.


The bulk of the first stage buildings to enable the Open Cut Coal Mine workforce to be housed were completed in 1983. 1983 also saw the beginning of overburden removal in late January, with the first shipment being sent to Italy via the port of Gladstone by the end of March. A $31.2 million rail link was built to connect Oaky Creek Mine with the line from Dalrymple Bay port to Norwich Park. The first Oaky Creek coal travelled this route in July. The Crinum Road linking Tieri with Capella was completed and Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen officially opened the mine and shopping centre on 26 June, 1983.